Teriyaki Glazed Mackerel

If you love fish and want something quick and easy, this is the one dish any novices can attempt. So if any of you guys out there want to cook for your wife on the odd occasion, do give this one a go. 😊 I would suggest serving it with some plain rice and salad …

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Egg Fried Rice

Back to basics with this one – good old egg fried rice! It is the simplest of all I would say with minimum ingredients needed. It is a change from having just plain rice, and it goes with most dishes or it is great just to eat on its own. I sometimes do that for …

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Thai Fried Egg Salad

Thai fried egg salad (“Yum Khai Dao“ in Thai) is one of the quickest and easiest dishes in Thai cuisine. You would not find this dish in many restaurants as it is more of a household dish. It is great as a side dish and goes well with jasmine rice but since it has fish …

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