My name is Siripen and I am originally from Thailand, a country where people are really passionate about their food. So much so, you can find something to eat almost 24/7. Over here in England people talk about the weather, over there it is food! Growing up, my life has always revolved around food, watching my nan cooking family dinners or helping my mum with her restaurant which specialised in everyone’s favourite noodle dish, ‘Pad Thai’.

My interest in cooking started when I came over to England to study. I found western food a challenge to my taste buds (no offence anyone!). Back then access to authentic ingredients was quite limited, so I started cooking with whatever I could find in my local supermarkets to fulfil my craving for Thai food or anything oriental. I have tried many dishes, experimenting on my friends and family over the years and they are all still alive, which is good. So that says something about my cooking which is now my passion!